Perfect Misfits:

We are all misfits, yet

     we are perfect in His sight.

Matthew 5:13-16

        We are Salt and Light

"It's my pleasure to recommend Elizabeth Boerner to authors who need assistance with PR & marketing.  

Elizabeth, an author herself, is also a skilled listener and asks the Divine into the conversations.  She has loads of experience to share about successful book signings and self-promotion.  She has also helped me lean into the discomfort of learning new areas including social media and as well as asking for reviews.  I highly recommend Elizabeth!"

 - Marie Higgins, Speaker/Teacher/Author, Sprouting Spiritual Growth, a Memoir and a Guide to Spiritual Journaling   

"As a new author of the children's  picture book, The Garden of My Heart, I am truly blessed to have Elizabeth Boerner as my Publicist and my friend.  Elizabeth is a very warm and caring, dynamic  woman who enjoys using her God- given talents as a marketing  mentor. Elizabeth has a passion to encourage and prosper her clients  while helping them to discover  their platform and target audiences.  Learning how to introduce your book to the world can be an overwhelming task, especially when you are a new author!  It could be difficult, but Elizabeth makes it enjoyable!  Drawing upon her years of experience  as well as timely and current inspirations, Elizabeth listens to your vision and seeks to provide creative ideas to help expand your book's marketability.

I love working with Elizabeth and I'm sure you would love working with her too! She is a gem!"


Jeannie Lerch,  Author -Speaker 

JeannieBooks LLC

Perfect Misfits 


Elizabeth Boerner is the owner of Perfect Misfits and is the PR and Marketing Director for Fruitbearer Publishing. She has more than thirty years of first-hand marketing experience which came from the need to promote her own businesses. 


Elizabeth writes and records for a weekly radio platform on  Heart Ministry Radio. She interviews authors and invites you to listen to You can locate her previous five shows, by going to Show Hosts.


Working with Elizabeth for PR and Marketing services, you will be able to answer the question, “How am I going to get my book into the hands of the people who need to read it?”


She will simplify the often overwhelming world of marketing by designing a customized plan. 

Effective marketing is an ongoing process—not something that can be done once and then forgotten. It takes time, knowledge of the item, knowing your audience, knowing what works, and delivering the product.


The marketing intention needs to be pure at heart because people do not want to be sold something; they want to believe what you have for them is something they need. 


You’ll find Elizabeth to be organized, determined, and focused on attention to detail. She is excited about promoting your book to share it with the masses—the right masses, in the right venue. 


Elizabeth lives with her husband, Joseph, in Milton, Delaware. They are blessed with a blended family of four adult children: Helen, Gregory, Joseph, and Stephen; and three grandchildren: Joseph III, Daniel, and Gabriel.